Kipas Guys v0.70.1 – Stumble Guys Mod APK [OFFICIAL]

Every day, new games are released to take the place of expensive games that require a lot of money to access their newest features and levels. Here we have one of the greatest games, Kipas Guys, which offers players a tonne of in-game features and a tonne of helpful tools to make sure they succeed and have a great gaming experience. Additionally, you will be able to obtain all the features and resources you have always wanted by employing these tools. Because the game is virus-free, you can play it in a very safe setting.

You must successfully complete the many obstacles in this game in order to win. Every participant will own unique abilities that they will employ in order to win. Furthermore, you will be able to obtain all of the premium things for free with our Kipas Guys Mod APK. In the game, you’ll encounter a variety of difficulties and barriers, but the provided equipment will enable you to successfully finish each level. For you to successfully manage your time, you must have this application installed on your smartphone.

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Kipas Guys: What is it?

The most recent version of Kipas Guys APK is a fresh and improved game that is probably connected to the well-known game Stumble Guys. All of the premium items are given away for free in the most recent version of this game. You will be given access to the newest skins and any desired skin tone at no additional cost. This game draws all players in because of the anime characters. Its superb graphics and incredibly original elements will captivate you by giving the game a more creative appearance. You will have access to excellent maps and locations to help you find your destination.

To further on this Kipas Guys Stumble Guys APK, its interface is quite straightforward and easily comprehensible for all users. In addition, you’ll receive regular updates and notifications so you can simply learn about the deals this game provides you with on a daily basis. You don’t need to worry about viruses and bugs, which frequently cause problems when playing games. There are no viruses or problems in the most recent mod. Another option is to play Minion Rush MOD, which is a lot like this game.

Kipas Guys

Kipas Guys Features

As a modification for an already-existing game, Kipas Guys adds new features to increase the game’s enjoyment. You can customise your character with numerous skins, establish a game session where multiple maps play out sequentially, and build a multiplayer room with a secret code to play with friends. Additionally, the user can adjust the game’s physics to play with increased leap, player speed, and dash speed thanks to this update.

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High levels of accessibility and customization

Kipas Guys distinguishes themselves with highly customised solutions. The mod menu has a lot of features that are clear and easy to grasp, and it is well-organized and informative. Gamers can choose unique maps for every level, which removes the element of surprise and makes for a more customised gameplay experience. This is only one way that players can customise their gaming experience.


Visually, the game is identical to Stumble Guys, including bright, cartoon-style graphics that make it suitable for a family audience. Every level has a different theme and amusing music to make it more enjoyable. The settings are different, with arenas filled with little monsters attempting to overpower the players and snow pathways complete with snowball cannons.

KipasGuys APK

Fantastic Battle Royale

The game uses the wildly famous battle royale structure, which is a favourite among players. Players compete to be the last person standing in this intensely competitive environment. This approach promotes quick decision-making and strategic thinking in addition to combat skills.

Customizing an avatar

Customizing your avatar is a crucial aspect of this captivating game, providing an array of choices to guarantee your avatar is unique. You can choose from a huge selection of apparel and accessories, each of which gives your avatar’s look a special flair. You can customise your avatar’s colour palette in addition to your clothes, giving you a unique appearance that helps other players recognise you in the game. Protective gear, such as helmets and headgear, can also be customized. These items are not only fashionable but also useful, helping you avoid elimination and get one step closer to triumph.

Laughter in the Falls

The game incorporates humour despite being competitive, especially in its autumn segments. Players will laugh at their own and their opponents’ mistakes, bringing back memories of the humour found in television series such as “Wipeout.” A fun, lighter element of the gameplay is seeing characters hilariously fall off the map.

Is downloading the Kipas Guys safe?

Downloading Kipas Guys is usually regarded as secure, even if downloading APK files always includes some inherent risks because of possible security vulnerabilities and lack of official support. But in order to reduce the chance of malware or other dangerous software, be sure you are downloading from a reliable source. Use caution and a reliable website or source when downloading any APK to protect your device’s security.

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App Name Kiypas Guys
Developer Kipas
Category Game
Version 0.70.1
Size 170 MB
Price Free
Last Update 2 hours ago
Official Website
Total Downloads 13874

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The Bottom line

The Kipas Guys download APK newest mod is an improved game that is jam-packed with features that you will be able to use in the game. You may effortlessly defeat your opponents and win the game thanks to these characteristics. You can use and unlock all of the features for free. All you need to do is download Kipas Guys and try your hardest to establish yourself by effortlessly finishing every level.


Q. Is the download for Kipas Guys Stumble Guys free?

Ans. Yes, you may download this game for free.

Q. Can we use a PC to play Kipas Guys Mod?

Ans. Indeed, this game is compatible with PCs.

Q. Is playing Kipas a simple game?

Ans. Yes, anyone can play this game with ease because it has very basic rules and guidelines.

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